15th International Conference
Transport & Sedimentation
of Solid Particles

6-9 September 2011
Wroclaw, Poland
List of Manuscripts


  1. Wilson K.C. (Canada), Addie G.R. (USA), Sellgren A. (Sweden), Visintainer R. (USA) Simplified Approach to Effect of Concentration on Deposition Limit
  2. Weisheng Zou, Chen Aili, Li Zhenhuan (China) China`s Research on Lifting Motor Pump for Deep Sea Mining
  3. Bartosik Artur (Poland) Solids Concentration Influence on Velocity Profile near a Pipe Wall in Bingham Slurry Flow
  4. Kotzé Reinhardt, Haldenwang Rainer, (South Africa) Development of an Ultrasonic In-line Rheometer: Evaluation, Optimisation and Verification
  5. Mir Jafar Sadegh Safari, Mirali Mohammadi, Mohammad Manafpour (Iran) Incipient Motion and Deposition of Sediment in Rigid Boundary Channels
  6. Sutherland Andrew, Kotze Michal (South Africa) A System to Estimate Particle Activity and Velocity at the Pipe Wall in Settling Slurry Flow
  7. Rabinovich Evgeny, Kalman Haim (Israel) Incipient Motion of Individual Particle
  8. Jones T.F. (UK) A Spreadsheet Version of the Two-Layer Model for Solid-liquid Pipeflow
  9. Pullum Lionel, Lachlan Graham, Wu Jie (Australia) Centrifugal Pump Performance with non-Newtonian Slurries
  10. Gavardashvili Givi, Chakhaia Goga, Tsulukidze Levan, Bziava Konstantin (Georgia) Stone Configuration and Solids Content in Debris River Flow
  11. Talmon Arno (The Netherlands) Hydraulic Resistance of Sand-water Mixture Flow in Vertical Pipes
  12. Meyer Zygmunt (Poland) Bed Roughness Influence on Sediment Transport in Lower Odra River
  13. Van Rhee C. (The Netherlands) One Dimensional Sedimentation of Multi-sized Particles
  14. Chara Zdenek, Kysela Bohus, Havlik Vladimir, Vlasak Pavel (Czech Republic) Investigation of New Type of Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator
  15. Matoušek Václav, Krupička Jan (Czech Republic) Unified Model for Coarse-slurry Flow with Stationary – and Sliding Bed
  16. Feys Dimitri (Canada), Verhoeven Ronny, De Schutter Geert (Belgium), Khayat Kamal H. (Canada) Interactions between Rheological Properties and Pumping of Concrete
  17. Krupička Jan, Matoušek Václav (Czech Republic) Accuracy Study of Computer Tomography Method for Radiometric Density Meter
  18. Parzonka Włodzimierz, Głowski Robert (Poland) Preliminary Results of Granulometric Improvement of the Odra Riverbed on the Reach Malczyce – Ścinawa
  19. Bartnik W., Książek L., Leja M., Wyrębek M., Strutyński M. (Poland) Evaluation of Morphological Changes of Vistula River Channel in Sandomierz after the Flood in 2010
  20. Makharadze Leon, Gochitashvili Teimuraz, Makharadze Sopio (Georgia) Possibility of Production of Water-coal Suspension from Coal of Tkibuli-Shaori Deposit and its Utilization in Power Generation
  21. Verhoeven R., Delecluyse K., Troch P. (Belgium) The use of Excess Bank Shear Stress as a Time Frame Predictor for Channel width Adjustment
  22. Slatter Paul (Australia) Turbulent Flow of Visco-plastic Fluid at High Hedström Number
  23. Kaushal Deo Raj (Japan), Thinglas T. (India), Yuji Tomita (Japan), CFD Modelling of Invert Trap for Sewer/Canal Solid Management
  24. Alexandrov Victor I., Ivanov Sergey L., Makharatkin Pavel N. (Russia) Power Consumption of Hydraulic Transport of Mineral Raw Materials Products Processing
  25. Vlasak Pavel, Kysela Bohus, Chara Zdenek (Czech Republic) Flow Behaviour and Structure of Coarse-Grained Slurry in Horizontal Pipe
  26. Spelay R.B., Gillies D.P., Gillies R.G., Sanders R.S. (Canada) Friction Loss Predictions for Pipeline Flows of Multispecies, Fine-Particle Slurries
  27. Książek Leszek, Strużyński Andrzej, Wyrębek Maciej (Poland) Hydrodynamical Conditions of Bed Stability in Close to Nature Fish Ladders
  28. Eckstädt Hartmut (Germany), Kempiński J. (Poland) Rheological Properties of Wastewater Sludge
  29. Nägel Heinz M. (Germany) Downflow Configuration of Double Hose-diaphragm Pumps for Effective Hydrotransport without Sedimentation of Solids
  30. Tsamalashvili T., Davlianidze P., Alekhin L. (Georgia) Diagnosis of the Technical Condition of Pipelines with Sediments
  31. Bin Cao, Jianxin Xia, Huatang Ren (China) Malczewska Beata (Poland) The Change of the Movement State of Coarse-Grain and Critical Condition in Pipeline Hydraulic Transportation
  32. Engelke Paul (Germany) Simulation of Sediment Transport Processes by Implementation of Transport Formulas in SIMBA
  33. Kasperek Robert, Parzonka Włodzimierz (Poland) Channel Processes in the Middle Odra in the Period 1958-2010
  34. Jian Ye, Jianxin Xia, Pengfei Hei (China) Malczewska B. (Poland) Pressure Loss of Coarse Particles Hydraulic Transport in Horizontal Pipeline
  35. Risku Charlotta, Jansson Patrick (Finland) Slurry Pipeline Wear Tests and Evaluations