15th International Conference
Transport & Sedimentation
of Solid Particles

6-9 September 2011
Wroclaw, Poland

The conferences on Transport and Sedimentation of Solid Particles have been initiated and further developed since 1971 by the Institute of Environmental Engineering (former Institute of Hydro- and Geoengineering) of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland.

For more than 40 years these conferences have been a traditional place of meeting and active debates of scientists, engineers and leading authorities in different aspects of transport of solid particles. The conferences have supported the international exchange of developments in research and applications in the field of hydraulic transport and sedimentation. Among the participants there are chemical, hydromechanical and hydraulic engineers, physicists, hydrotechnical and hydrology scientists, sanitary engineers and engineers dealing with problems of the natural environment.

Hydraulic transport of solid-liquid mixtures in closed and open conduits is used in many industrial applications and/or for the hydraulics disposal of various wastes. The setting of solid particles is also useful in many industrial applications and sediment transport in channels and rivers has a direct impact on the natural environment. The conference also provides a forum for the exchange of information on environmental protection.

Since the first conference in Poland in 1971, the series has traveled to Czech Republic, Belgium, Georgia and Russia.


1st Conference 6-12 September 1971 Kraków-Wrocław, Poland

2nd Conference 6-9 May 1976 Wrocław-Trzebieszowice, Poland

3rd Conference 14-17 September 1978 Wrocław-Trzebieszowice, Poland

4th Conference 25-28 September 1980 Trzebieszowice, Poland

5th Conference 3-7 September 1984 Wrocław, Poland

6th Conference 14-16 May 1988 Wrocław, Poland

7th Conference 9-11 June 1992 Wrocław, Poland

8th Conference 24-26 January 1995 Prague, Czech Republic

9th Conference 2-5 September 1997 Cracow, Poland

10th Conference 4-7 September 2000 Wrocław, Poland

11th Conference 9-12 September 2002 Ghent, Belgium

12th Conference 20-24 September 2004 Prague, Czech Republic

13th Conference 18-20 September 2006 Tbilisi, Georgia

14th Conference 23-27 June 2008 Saint Petersburg, Russia